Graphic Design Master Course

In this course, you will learn and develop all the skills needed for graphics designing. Within commercial and contemporary settings, you will be taught to aim to polish your skills to explore, design, and work on digital applications. From basic designing to advanced designing techniques, you will learn all of them in this compr -ehensive course. You will be exposed to design strategies to create a brand. In the design industry, lateral thinking processes are extremely relevant and we will help you learn those thoroughly. In the artistic world of graphic designing, you will learn to create marvels and much more.

At Nakshtra Animation, we provide the best Graphic Design Courses Noida and it is very popular amongst students who wish to acquire quality education in India. By pursuing this course, you will become a trained professional with all the necessary skills and a detailed portfolio that will help you crack the entry-level interview in renowned companies. In this course, you will learn both graphic and web designing. You will learn to create typography, graphics, images, and much more on both Word Wide Web and software. There will be various modules that will introduce you to the techniques, core skills, and design ideas to create top-notch graphic art on graphic designing applications. Graphic Design Courses Noida From basics to advanced modules, you will be taught everything in this course. Over the years, this course has gained immense popularity among young achievers as we have been consistent in providing a world-class education to all our students. you will enter this course as an amateur but you will leave as a professional who is well-equipped for the industry. we have two options for our students, you can either opt for virtual classes and take our online course or you can study at our campus in Noida for a full-time course.

Courses and Syllabus for Graphics Designing in Nakshtra Animation

Graphics Designing Course modules
  • Fundamentals of Graphic Design
  • Designing of templates
  • Designing of advertisments
  • Process of Designs
  • Understanding photo manipulation
  • Understanding Colors
  • Formats of images
  • Uses of RGB, CMYK and lab colors
  • Uses of Typograph
  • Commonly Used Softwares in the graphic design
Adobe Photoshop
  • Introduction to Adobe Photoshop cs6 and CC
  • The basics of Photoshop Program Window
  • Simple and Complex Range of image Selection
  • Colours, Gradients and Mashking
  • Uses of Layers
  • Image Adjustments & Retouching
  • Working with Path and Shapes
  • Working with Filters
  • Automation in Photoshop
  • Working with GIF
  • Process of Saving Files
Adobe Illustrator
  • Introduction to Adobe Illustrator cs6 and CC
  • The basics of Illustrator Program Window
  • Understanding Objects in Illustrator
  • Uses of Tools in Illustrator
  • Text Editing and Effects
  • Simple and Complex Path and Shape Composition
  • Editing of Path and Adjustment
  • Mashking in Illustrator
  • Group of Objects
  • Blending Options

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