UI/UX Design Course

Get a kick-start to your career with our UI/UX design course and become a user experience professional. Nakshtra Animation offers UI/UX design courses in Noida that attracts people from across the globe. All the user experience based topics will be taught in the course. Some of the topics will be user experience, human-computer interaction, etc. All of the courses will be led by experts and professionals from the industry in a lively and friendly community of learners and educators.

From a total beginner to a UX portfolio professional, we will ensure that you take strides on your learning journey. The modules will be covering the fundamentals of UX, methodologies, tools, methods, user research and much more. You can learn this course at your own pace as you can choose an online course as it is self-paced and convenient. However, if you want to pursue a full-time course then you can study at our campus in Noida. UI/UX Design Course Noida In prototyping, design and user testing are vital for UX design and you will get hands-on practical experience in these topics. There will be regular practicals and assignments to ensure that you understand the theory well and you can do it practically as well.

Our unique courses are taught by best mentors who will teach you all the techniques to create and design stunning web and mobile products. Learn all the design principles from our hand-picked professionals and trainers. This field is a niche and it is focused on the practices that are used to analyze business goals and implement design patterns from a user perspective. You will be learning front-end mark up languages like HTML5, CSS3 Git with several designing tools like Sketch, Illustrator, Photoshop, etc. Join this course and learn all the essential components of UI/UX Design Course Noida.



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