Web Design Course

Nakshtra Animation offers a specialization course in Web Design that gives you an insight into the world of web designing. You will be learning several components in this course and some of them are interactive web experience, javascript, HTML5, CSS3, and much more. There are several software programs that will help you do it and we will teach you everything about these software programs. Even if you are new o this field, you can excel at a fast pace with this course. Industry experts have created the framework of this course and all the components are carefully placed to give you an all-inclusive syllabus. We are proud to say that Nakshtra Animation offers the best web design course in Noida. Moreover, our online courses are also gaining immense popularity among students.

Web Design Courses Noida, you will get access to all the course material of web design and you will be getting familiar with all its concepts, tools, and techniques. From theory to practicals, we have given equal focus to all of them. A strong focus is given to the fact that syntactic standards are the most crucial part of web designing and they should be valid. Also, semantic standards are given equal importance in this course because it promotes wise accessibility for disabled users. Other than this, marketing skills, adding interactivity, and enhancing the style and design to make a responsive website is given priority in this course.

Web Design Courses Noida, Some of the topics that you will be learning are the history of HTML, MOSAIC, browsers, web basics, hyperlinks, template page, tables, using tags, web hosting, cPanel, file transfer protocol, and much more. After completing this course, you can become a web designer for a company or you can start your own business or work as a freelancer, the choice is yours. So, come and join us to become the next best web designer.

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